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May 07

Anchor Text Strategy

by Patrick Gavin Strategy

Readers, Jennifer Slegg has a great post on anchor text strategy that you should check out.  From Jennifer’s post:

So definitely ensure you have variety in your anchor text, even going
so far as having some links linked with âclick hereâ, your
company/website name or simply your URL. Then make a list of all the
possible anchor text combinations and when you get a new link, choose a
different keyword combo off the list. Then once you get more than a
handful, you can go back and get additional links for your most
important phrases, but again being careful to unevenly distribute the
anchor text of those links. Yes, you can definitely give more links to
your most important keyword phrases, just resist the temptatation to do
them all on your top phrase.

Check out the full post…

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May 07

Do Nofollow Links Count?

by Neil Patel Research

Generally we say that nofollow links don’t count, but Ben
actually found that they do help with ranking based on a small experiment he ran. He did an interesting study where he wrote on the SpiderMan
3 game
and then commented on other related blogs that linked back to his SpiderMan 3 post. The unique thing about the link was that it contained the anchor text "piderMan 3" and contained a nofollow, but within a short period of time his site ranked on the first page of Google for piderMan 3 Xbox and other terms.


If you look at the image above it shows that there are 224 results for "piderMan 3 Xbox". This means that it should be fairly easy to rank for the term, but the actual blog post that ranks for the term doesn’t have the word piderMan anywhere within the content. The only reason I think it ranks is because the nofollow link contained the anchor text "piderMan".

I am not sure if the way Google looks at nofollows is currently messed up on their end or if they actually do count them, but based on this experiment it seems that they can help with rankings. What do you think?

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May 07

New ReviewMe Advertiser Marketplace Now Live!

by Patrick Gavin Text Link Ads News

I am excited to announce a brand new advertiser marketplace to ReviewMe!  In addition to our marketplace of premium
blogs where you can purchase individual reviews, advertisers will now be able to
create campaign offers that approved bloggers will then be able to accept.  This
new advertiser marketplace
more control to the advertiser while still giving the blogger 100%
control over what review offers they accept. 

Advertisers get to set up the
information they would like reviewed, the number of reviews they would like to
receive and how much they would like to spend per review.  The minimum review
price is $10.  Advertisers now have the flexibility of purchasing reviews off top blogs individually or creating campaigns for many relevant bloggers to blog

- note, bloggers that were not
previously accepted into the premium RM marketplace should resubmit their blog
for inclusion into our new Advertiser marketplace

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Apr 07

Post Level TLA’s Now Live!

by Patrick Gavin Text Link Ads News

Readers, we are excited to announce the arrival of Post Level Text Link Ads!  Post Level TLA’s offer many features that our advertisers are looking for including:

  • The ability to target highly specific popular blog posts.
  • Maximum of one ad below the post.
  • Have a full 80 character title and 150 letter description.
  • Be positioned directly at the end of top posts making it ideal for click throughs.
  • Each ad will be on a single page only.

Check out this page for more information and to browse our marketplace of Post Level TLA’s!


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Apr 07

Setting the Tone With Good Comments

by Cameron Olthuis Strategy

The success of content submissions on social media sites is often dictated by the tone of the comments that take place early on. Even if a great piece of content gets a few nasty comments right off the bat it will have a very hard time succeeding and making it to the homepage.

Users often view the first few comments before even clicking through to the content and begin to form their opinion based off of them. If the comments are bad they will automatically assume that the content is bad too, since other members of the community also feel that way.

The problem with this is that some of the social media sites have audiences that are generally very immature. Sometimes even if the content is remarkable someone will come along that doesn’t agree with it and start flaming it in the comments. Others will see this and follow suit and before you know it your submission will be buried into oblivion never to see the light of day again.

If this is something that you notice happening to your submissions then start asking some of your friends on these social sites to read the content and leave positive comments early on. This will help set a positive tone for the submission and keep people from voting your stories down.

On the flipside of this, bad content won’t make the homepage just because there are a bunch of positive comments that have been left. So it’s not a technique that works if you’re trying to spam your horrible content to the homepage.

What has your experience been with the tone set by comments on social media sites?

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