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May 12

10 New Ideas for Enhancing Your Brand’s Search Strategy

MediaWhiz, a leading digital media and strategy agency with expertise in all facets of search marketing, has collected the best of its insight and perspective on search marketing for this new, informative white paper. Each concept comes from MediaWhiz’s stable of search marketing experts. Each represents a new way of thinking about online search and an innovative way to grow your business.

Learn how to build high-quality traffic in a cost-effective manner in this informative new white paper from MediaWhiz, the digital media and search-marketing experts.

May 10

Backlinks Reports

A Beta version of backlinks reports has been launched at The are offering the product at a 50% discount to  Text Link Ads clients until the official launch.  Below is a description of the new product, which can be found on their site here:

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September 09

LBB Has Undergone a Face Lift

The Link Building Blog has been given a new look!  Kai Brach did a great job, and an even better job with We are going for the construction drawings theme, and it does fit with the the role that well placed links play in someone”s overall SEO initiatives.

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August 09

Link Building Blog is Back!

After a two year hiatus, we are bringing the Link Building Blog back from the grave.  We will be using this platform to discuss new products and offerings from Text Link Ads, as well as articles from industry experts to with one goal in mind, which is to assist our customers and community online casinos to casino pa natet reach their search marketing goals.

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October 07

Earners Forum Webmaster Inspiration Contest

Readers, the good folks at the Earners Forum have put together a cool contest worth checkint out.  Contest details here and prize information below:

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