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April 10

Find the Perfect Ad with TLA’s Domain Authority Score

Text-Link-Ads wants to continue being your first choice in link advertising so we’ve created Domain Authority Score. Nearing 50,000 publishers and advertisers, we realized the need for better metrics and control to help publishers and advertisers find the perfect ad.
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March 07

SEO for Firefox

During Elite Retreat Aaron Wall from SEO Book showed me how he used his Firefox SEO plugin. The tool is very useful and can help you to improve your rankings.


Here are the advantages of using the tool:

  1. You can easily see who links to your competitors and you can then ask those sites for links.
  2. Different type of links may carry different weight. The tool lets you see if your competition has any directory, government or educational links.
  3. It can be a pain to find out how old your competitor’s domain is, but with the tool you can find out with ease.
  4. I personally don’t use the Google toolbar which usually means I don’t know the PageRank of my site or my competitors. I can now easily see a site’s PageRank with ease.
  5. I try to get my supplemental results to 0. A lot of times things like duplicate content cause an increase in supplemental results so with the toolbar you can find out this information and fix it.

November 06

WBP Schools With Tools

I’m not really much of a "tool guy" — I still use Notepad and FireFox for "just about everything" — but WeBuildPages continues to bring the good stuff.

Check out the Top 10 Analysis Tool. Great for quick hit competitive analysis.

Jim, do you even have time to do SEO anymore, in between making all these wicked tools?

June 06

First Step: I am an Alexaholic

Ok Alexa data is not the most accurate traffic measuring tool in the world but it is very good at showing traffic trends.  One of my favorite sites to play around with and compare trends against other ad systems is Alexaholic.  Here is our graph.  This graph represents Text Link Ads compared to other top blog ad systems.


As you know the end goal of building links to your site is increasing your site’s traffic.  This can come from the direct traffic from the links and from the indirect benefit of higher natural search rankings through the increase in link popularity.  Try comparing your site’s Alexa data to some of your competitors and see if you are seeing the right kind of trends, if not, it may be time to get your link building in gear!

October 05

The Neat-O Backlink Tool

We Build Pages’ new tool is aptly named:

The Neat-O Backlink Tool

It checks your backlinks’ anchor text. Props to WBP for consistently putting out good (and free!) linking tools.