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February 07

Purchasing .edu Links

A few days ago I wrote How to Build Trusted Links, which caused a few people to email me about purchasing .edu links. There are a lot of companies that sell .edu links, but most of the links will be on student blogs and not the actual university website. Although this can still build trust, search engines are quite complex and can probably tell the difference between .edu links from student blogs and links from the actual university website. So before you purchase links from .edu sites make sure you know what pages they are going to be placed on because ones from the actual university site will probably create more trust.

February 07

Guide to buying links

Loren Baker from Search Engine Journal wrote a great guide to buying links, directory listings, and paid reviews for blogs. Loren does a great job of breaking down all the different vendors that sell links, paid reviews, and directory listings. Loren also covers tips for purchasing links from these sources.

Here is what he had to say about Text Link Ads and ReviewMeâ

Text Link Ads is probably the most popular of the link ad companies, with over 10,000 publishers in their network and a lot of promotions and advertising on SEO and publisher industry blogs and sites. Link prices are based upon the authority of each site and charged per month.

ReviewMe is a more targeted approach to paid blogger reviews. Advertisers are given access to ReviewMeâs lists of niche publishers, and can request reviews on specific blogs (and only those blogs), instead of using the mass review approach. The end result is more thoughtful content and reviews of your products, for a higher price. Pricing is set per blog and based upon that blogâs popularity, readership and incoming links.

February 07

Find valuable links using Google

Buying text links is a common thing that many companies are doing to increase their traffic and search engine rankings. Most people buy text links based on if they feel a website is relevant or has a high Google PageRank. This could work, but if you are trying to increase your rankings for a specific term why not buy the most relevant link based on what Google thinks?

Say you want to get ranked for the keyword "web hosting". Do a Google search for the term and look for all the websites that rank in the top 100.

web hosting

Many of these sites will be your competitors and you are going to be fighting them for business, but there are going to be a ton of sites that are not your competitors. I dug through the top 100 sites for this particular term and noticed that tons of them were filled with ads in the form of text links.


If you wanted to rank high for a term, what could be a more relevant link then from a web page that already ranks well for that term? You don’t need the link on every page of that site; you just need it on the page that ranks well for the terms you want your site to rank for. Although this may seem like common sense, there are a lot of people who ignore this little trick.

Give it a try, you may find it to be very effective.

August 05

What do YOU want from TLA?

NickW from Threadwatch is a bit ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing. Rather than getting standard links or banners on Threadwatch, advertisers get sponsored threads where they can engage the blog’s audience directly.

Text Link Ads is a regular advertiser of course, and our latest sponsored thread asks, What do you want from a text link company? Please hop on over and let us know!

August 05

Greg Boser on Buying Links

I just got back from SES San Jose. Good show, good people, good parties. On the content side, Barry Schwartz wrote some excellent recaps as always. One of the most interesting sessions was Buying and Selling Links.

Greg Boser – WebGuerilla
Brief comments. He is very happy that there is now an actual session on this topic because it used to be considered so âbad.â The wild wild west of buying links is settling down and people are beginning to understand that it is advertising just like any other form. Sees that paid links will continue to be a part of their links in the future. Suggests adding it to your mix.

Text links have come a long way and continue to gain legitimacy and momentum as an advertising method which yields exceptional ROI. Buy up ;-)