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June 07

AuctionAds is White Hot

In case you missed the progress report on AuctionAds it is doing VERY well.  It is outperforming Adsense on many websites and growing fast because it is making publishers money.  Ebay recently honored AuctionAds and in particular David Dellanave and Jeremy Schoemaker with the "eBay Most Innovative Application-Buyer" award.  This was one of Ebay’s Star Developer Awards given out at their annual developer’s conference.  Hats off to both these guys and in particular to Dave on the tech side for creating a piece of technology that is amazingly scalable. 

June 07

Rant: Crazy Domain Prices (Update: domain name found)

Has anyone tried to be a decent domain name recently?  One thing I have noticed is the moment you express interest in a domain the price instantly goes up 500% from where it should be priced. Case in point: working on a top secret new project here.  I like two names for the project: and

So if you are like me you are thinking maybe $10k on these and go up to $20k if I am in a good mood.  Wrong.  So two months ago I approach and offer $10k looking to take it down fast.  No dice.  The owner wants $100k and wont budge so I go over to and offer $10k.  Owner thinks about it and says he will do a deal for $20k.  I am not sold on and really wanted so I put the deal on ice for two months with plans to go back to  I go back this week and no change on price, $100k.  So I go back to going to hard ball him down from $20k and see how close I can get to $10k.  Guess what, in the last month he has got all sorts of calls and offers, new price is…. $100k with no negotiating.

Now I have high hopes for our new project but going $100k in the hole on a domain before the launch didn’t make it into the business plan so I am back to square one.  I could blame Business2.0 for bringing domaining mainstream but instead I blame Mr. Hagans and Mr. Provost for hyping domaining to seos.  Have you also seen a recent spike in domain prices?

Update: purchased for this project.  Price was a fraction of $100k, just don’t tell Hyped it was our third choice ;)

April 07


Readers, Todd Malicoat pinged me about a special they are running for friends of their SEO CLASS.  You can save $500 by registering before next Friday.  Here are the details…

The scoop:
Who: Greg Niland aka GoodROI, Rae Hoffman aka
SugarRae, Michael Gray aka Graywolf, and Brad Geddes aka eWhisper, and Todd
aka Stuntdubl
What: Unique two day training session
When: May 17th and 18th
Where: Helmsley Hotel – Midtown
Why: To learn from folks experienced in a broad
range of SEO topics to create a better action plan for your site. We will be
covering both conceptual and tactical topics. Each attendee will get some one on
one time in the "SEO bullpen" with one or more of the presenters, to review
their most pressing issues with regards to search engine marketing.
How much: The cost is $3000 (less $500 until next
friday) Additional people from the same company will be priced at $1800 (40% off
base price)

April 07

American Idol: How the Internet can influence viewers

I’m not sure how many of you watch American Idol, but an Indian kid named Sanjaya got very far. With only a handful of contestants left, no one thought such a bad singer would get this far. There are many factors that caused him to get this far, but here is how offline and online media
played a role.


Before I go into offline and online media affecting the voting, let me dispel any rumors of him getting far just because of other Indians. I personally do not watch American Idol, but even I myself thought one of the main reasons he got so far was because he had a large following of Indians and as many of you already know there are tons of Indians in this world. Based on a survey I did of 50 random Indians, I concluded that isn’t the main reason why he got so far. The 50 Indians I surveyed watched American Idol, but only 1 voted for him because the rest did not either know how to text message or were afraid that American Idol would charge them for voting.

From my understanding (I could be wrong) you can also call by phone and vote without paying a dime… but either way many Indians were afraid of getting charged. Because of this the main two other factors that I can tell caused him to do so well were related to both offline and online

Offline and Online Media

As we all know the combination of offline and online media can be very powerful. With social media sites like MySpace, YouTube, Vote for the Worst, and Netscape covering Sanjaya it’s no wonder he racked in all those votes. People who use these sites as well as read blogs are very tech savvy and probably text
message (vote for Sanjaya) quite a bit. Then if you combine this people like Howard Stern telling America to vote for Sanjaya because he was the worst singer out of the group and his support from stars like Jennifer Lopez, no wonder he got so far. Here is the buzz he created through this last season of American Idol:

If Sanjaya would have actually won American Idol it probably would have been humorous as well as ironic. I don’t think too many people would have bought his CD if he won, but we had a great laugh getting him this far or at least watching him get this far. Either way this just shows how powerful
offline media and online media are when they are combined, so the next time you do a marketing campaign try to combine both offline and online media.

April 07

Exclusive: Hagan’s Digg Ring

LBB Readers, wanted to pass on an update on the adventures of Andy Hagans.  He just got back from an SEO meet up in India and I couldn’t resist posting this picture from his trip because something about adding a monkey to anything makes it funny.