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December 05

I love

If you ever ask me what my favorite link building method is, you may be surprised to learn that it’s article syndication. It’s worked for me before, and it’s worked for many of my clients, as well.

To recap my older post on the advantages of this link building method, by syndicating articles you get:

1) Free, permanent links from many domains and IPs
2) Links from pages with your keywords contained in the content (and sometimes in the title, too)
3) Deep links (from your resource box)
4) Keyword rich links (from your resource box)

and to that I could add a few more advantages:

5) Direct, targeted traffic (someone who reads an article related to your site’s content and clicks over usually converts at a much higher rate than the average visitor)
6) Few other outbound links on the page (meaning search engines won’t devalue the page as a "links page")
7) Your backlinks won’t look "spammy" to an SE rep or competitor

The best places to syndicate articles are topically-related sites which accept submissions. Many times however your niche is so small that such sites do not exist, and at that point you have to turn to general article sites to get the article reprinted.

There are a lot of them out there, but my favorite one is A couple of reasons why:

  • The webmaster makes quality a priority – AFAIK he’s rejecting more articles than he accepts. Provided you write quality articles, this is a very good thing, since it means that will get more users and links in the long term.
  • The site has been around for a while – links from older sites pack a more powerful punch. Plus I know it will probably still be around in two years (long term links = good).
  • Pages on often rank in the Google SERPs. This is an indication that the site has high TrustRank and overall "juice". (Trusted links = AWESOME, hard to get). Plus, this means the pages there get more traffic–and send you more traffic.

If you have a site that’s struggling to get new links, or if you want to "seed" a site with one good link, take an hour or two to write an article and submit it there (try to get your keyword phrase in the title). It won’t be time wasted.

For the record: this is not a paid advertisement by I don’t know the person that runs that site. I’m just endorsing it because I like it.

June 05

Dupe Content, What’s the Deal-i-o?

Well I’ve been tooting my horn about the greatness of article syndication lately, but I’ve failed to highlight one aspect of it that may dampen it’s effectiveness: having the same article syndicated on many sites creates tons of duplicate content.

The implications of this are unclear though. Firstly, there’s a lot of confusion out there as to what a duplicate content penalty is, including if it even exists and how it works. We do know that when Google finds multiple copies of the same exact content, it tends to use the first copy of it (or, sometimes, the copy with the highest PageRank) when delivering results. This is known as the duplicate content penalty.

I am not however convinced that this is a penalty per se. I think of it more like a filter. The term "penalty" seems to imply that a site has done something naughty and needs to be punished in the SERPs, whereas a "filter" aids search quality by dampening the rankings for results that a searcher will probably not find useful.

Even if that issue was settled, it would be unclear if the fact that the pages were filtered/penalized for duplicate content would affect the value of a link from those pages. It is certainly logical to believe that link algorithms are run separate from other algorithms, with the results then aggregated into the overall search algorithm afterward. The short answer: I don’t know.

How this relates to article syndication: if every syndication instance after the first is truly penalized, then even if your article is syndicated 100 times, you will only gain the value from being linked from one of those instances (either the first instance, or the instance on a page with the highest PageRank). But both my instinct and anecdotal evidence tells me that this is not the case. Thoughts, anyone?

May 05

Article Syndication, Gaining Steam?

A few signs that article syndication is becoming more mainstream as a link building method:

  • new article banks are popping up left and right
  • I’ve seen a lot more posts on webmaster forums on article syndication

This thread from SEOChat introduced me to a pretty comprehensive article submission list.
If you are promoting multiple sites, it’s a good idea to come up with a
good article submission list; if you do, each 500 word article that you
have written can provide you with over 50 relevant, permanent backlinks. Not a bad deal.

May 05

Building Links With Articles

Articles just may be the most powerful link building method you’re not using.

And I say that from experience: my old homepage
ranked for terms like "link building," and this was accomplished almost
completely by getting links from articles.The trick is writing a good
article and catchy title so that the article will be widely syndicated,
and then using the "resource box" (author bio) to fit in the links. The
great part about the resource box is that you get to pick your link(s),
and can use any anchor text you choose.

Here’s what an article syndication offers:
1) Free, permanent links from many domains and IPs
2) Links from pages with your keywords contained in the content (and sometimes in the title, too)
3) Deep links (from your resource box)
4) Keyword rich links (from your resource box)

Note that numbers 3 and 4 are bonuses that a high quality directory won’t give you.

The Nitty Gritty
Related sites that reprint articles are the best places to submit articles. But if your article is on something very niche,
it’s unlikely you will find very many sites in that niche that will
print your article. Hell, you might be the only guy in your niche!

Which brings me to the beauty of the article bank. Article banks will reprint most any
article, which is then archived permanently (with your links in the
resource box intact). If you get listed in 15 article banks, that’s 15
links already.

As time goes on you’ll notice your article will also appear
elsewhere. Sometimes new sites will raid these for related content that
they can reprint. Other sites exist solely to syndicate articles from
these article banks. Finally, many scrapers pick up content from these
article banks–usually leaving the links intact. All of these types of
sites will give you a link from a contextually-relevant page on a
unique IP.

The catch: many article banks are not actively reviewing and accepting articles, but I’ve put up a pretty current list here.

Aside from SEO
If you mine the public stats of
my old homepage, you will see that it also gets a lot of direct traffic
from these syndicated articles. It’s guaranteed that the people
clicking over are qualified leads, since they read the article I wrote,
and were interested enough to click through. This is, I believe, the
litmus test for a golden link. A golden link is a link that is great
for SEO, but that would also be great if the search engines didn’t