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May 10
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A Beta version of backlinks reports has been launched at The are offering the product at a 50% discount to  Text Link Ads clients until the official launch.  Below is a description of the new product, which can be found on their site here:

We will be offering two different pricing models based on the number of reports requested each month.  Our sales representatives have been well trained on the uses and effectiveness of the report, so please reach out with any questions.  We will continue to send notifications when upgrades to the MediaWhiz Backlink Tool are launched.  We will continue to offer our flagship products, and if you need any assistance finding the right advertisements for your needs, please request a proposal here.

Introducing the power of an SEO pro, right on your own screen!

MediaWhiz’s Backlink Report gives you the power to  evaluate your own and your competitor’s website search metrics!

The power of SEO is now in your hands with this powerful new tool.

  • An Advanced Backlink Report lets you:
  • Evaluate your existing backlink profile
  • Find out exactly where your backlinks are coming from
  • Learn the best pages to get a link on
  • View your competitor’s backlink profile
  • Optimize your time on getting which links you want
  • Analyze the metrics for your own and your competitor’s sites

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