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Apr 10
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Text-Link-Ads wants to continue being your first choice in link advertising so we’ve created Domain Authority Score. Nearing 50,000 publishers and advertisers, we realized the need for better metrics and control to help publishers and advertisers find the perfect ad.

That was the motivating force behind creating Domain Authority Score. Domain Authority Score (DAS) analyzes metrics from over ten different external sources to determine a domain’s search reliability and trustworthiness. Domain Authority Score allows clients to quantify the value of their domains as well as those of our publishers; enhancing our impressive monetizing methods and increasing search rankings. Text Link Ads is constantly striving to provide optimum service for better results.

In addition to Domain Authority Score, new features to the TLA marketplace include:

* Backlinks – Indicates the number of web links that connect to a selected site
* Domain Created – Refers to the URL purchase date
* In DMOZ – Reveals whether a site/domain is listed with
* In Yahoo Directory – Indicates whether a site/domain is listed with Yahoo!

Text-Link-Ads has also given our existing features a boost with new interactive listings. Clients can adjust the parameters to precisely fit the advertisements they are searching for with:

* Ads Available – Shows ads currently being sold and the maximum number of ads allowed on a site
* Alexa Rank – Measures the traffic a site sees against other sites online. A low number means more traffic
* Categories – Refers to the theme of a site
* Language – Indicates what language a site is written in
* Link Popularity – A 1-10 scale ranking the number and quality of inbound links to a site
* Number of Pages – Indicates how many site pages your advertisement will appear on
* On Homepage – Shows whether the advertisement will appear on the homepage

Take a minute to familiarize yourself with Domain Authority Score’s features. Logon to your account at and take our new marketplace for a spin. Enter code “authorityscore” to receive a 15% discount on all new ad purchases made on our modernized site through May 31st. You’ll see how DAS will vastly improve your link acquisition process, give you more control over your ads and upgrade your infrastructure.

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Tim Bass (04/23/10 at 8:56 am)

Great Metrics, going to get some today!

SEO Gibraltar (05/04/10 at 5:04 pm)

I want it. I want it now. People seem to be obsessed with directory submissions and twitter….I look for relevancy and authority myself


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