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June 07

AuctionAds is White Hot

In case you missed the progress report on AuctionAds it is doing VERY well.  It is outperforming Adsense on many websites and growing fast because it is making publishers money.  Ebay recently honored AuctionAds and in particular David Dellanave and Jeremy Schoemaker with the "eBay Most Innovative Application-Buyer" award.  This was one of Ebay’s Star Developer Awards given out at their annual developer’s conference.  Hats off to both these guys and in particular to Dave on the tech side for creating a piece of technology that is amazingly scalable. 

June 07

Rant: Crazy Domain Prices (Update: domain name found)

Has anyone tried to be a decent domain name recently?  One thing I have noticed is the moment you express interest in a domain the price instantly goes up 500% from where it should be priced. Case in point: working on a top secret new project here.  I like two names for the project: and

So if you are like me you are thinking maybe $10k on these and go up to $20k if I am in a good mood.  Wrong.  So two months ago I approach and offer $10k looking to take it down fast.  No dice.  The owner wants $100k and wont budge so I go over to and offer $10k.  Owner thinks about it and says he will do a deal for $20k.  I am not sold on and really wanted so I put the deal on ice for two months with plans to go back to  I go back this week and no change on price, $100k.  So I go back to going to hard ball him down from $20k and see how close I can get to $10k.  Guess what, in the last month he has got all sorts of calls and offers, new price is…. $100k with no negotiating.

Now I have high hopes for our new project but going $100k in the hole on a domain before the launch didn’t make it into the business plan so I am back to square one.  I could blame Business2.0 for bringing domaining mainstream but instead I blame Mr. Hagans and Mr. Provost for hyping domaining to seos.  Have you also seen a recent spike in domain prices?

Update: purchased for this project.  Price was a fraction of $100k, just don’t tell Hyped it was our third choice ;)