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March 07

Creating a Free Service to Build Links is one of the most successful sites on the web when it comes to links. If you look at what they have done, they have built millions of links because of their free product.


If you look at the image above, it shows that they have well over 2 million backward links. The main reason they have this many links is because everyone using their service links to them through a noscript:

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img  src="
alt="invisible hit counter" border="0"></a>

What other free services do you know of that have been very effective at building links?

March 07

SEO for Firefox

During Elite Retreat Aaron Wall from SEO Book showed me how he used his Firefox SEO plugin. The tool is very useful and can help you to improve your rankings.


Here are the advantages of using the tool:

  1. You can easily see who links to your competitors and you can then ask those sites for links.
  2. Different type of links may carry different weight. The tool lets you see if your competition has any directory, government or educational links.
  3. It can be a pain to find out how old your competitor’s domain is, but with the tool you can find out with ease.
  4. I personally don’t use the Google toolbar which usually means I don’t know the PageRank of my site or my competitors. I can now easily see a site’s PageRank with ease.
  5. I try to get my supplemental results to 0. A lot of times things like duplicate content cause an increase in supplemental results so with the toolbar you can find out this information and fix it.

March 07

Any Site Can Attract Links

Rand Fishkin has been authoring a nice series this week on link building related topics. In the latest article, Every Site is Linkbait & Linkerati Worthy, Rand talks about how any site, no matter how boring, can attract natural links.

So how do you do it? Here are the six steps that he covers in the article.

1. Know your linkerati
2. Broaden your reach
3. Brainstorm content ideas
4. Create a site architecture that allows for inclusion of your content
5. Build a phenomenal site
6. Launch & promote

March 07

Complete Guide to SEO for WordPress

If you have a WordPress blog you need to read this Complete Guide to SEO for WordPress by Jim Westergren. Jim breaks down step-by-step instructions for everything from optimizing the code to getting links to crafting good posts and increasing user interaction.

March 07

ProBlogger Meetup March 29 in NYC!

Readers, let me know who can make it up to our ProBlogger meet up!  Details below:

THURSDAY, March 29, 6:30pm to 9:30pm at:
Connollyâs Pub and Restaurant
121 West 45th St (between 6th and Broadway)
(212) 597-5126 phone

*please note this bar has three locations in the area so use the address above.

We are putting the event together with Darren Rowse of who will be in attendance!  There will be an open bar and food available all on TLA’s dime.  Let me know below if you can make it, looking forward to meeting you all in person.