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Mar 07
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Earlier today Mike Arrington announced that TechCrunch is acquiring F**kedCompany. While it’s pretty obvious now from reading all the comments that this is in fact an April Fool’s Day joke it sure did fool quite a few people at first.

What’s great about this joke is the amount of buzz its created. In the couple hours since the joke was posted the links have been rolling in. I’m sure Mike’s intention was probably not for the links and rather the buzz (plus a few good laughs) that has been generated.

Although most of us don’t have the audience or brand to create this much noise, it goes to show that if you have a clever April Fool’s Day joke you can create a lot of buzz and get some extra links.

What clever hoax will think up this April Fool’s Day?   

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David Gonzalez (04/01/07 at 1:17 am)

I am preparing something…but will explain it tomorrow once it is over, too many people reading my blogs that read this one also :-)

Sean (04/01/07 at 1:40 am)

I have no plans for mine. I probably should though lol. Oh well.

Herman (04/01/07 at 7:34 pm)

I have no plan yet today, probably it will be coming when I wake up in the morning. :-)

Edwin (04/02/07 at 9:06 am)

I can’t do April fools on my blog because of my niche.

PixelHead (04/03/07 at 3:47 pm)

Glad to hear that was a joke about acquiring F***ed Company.
Only hope the story on F***ed Company about Vonage being sued by Verizon was a joke as well.

CL feeder (05/15/07 at 10:10 pm)

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