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March 07

Create Buzz on April Fool’s Day

Earlier today Mike Arrington announced that TechCrunch is acquiring F**kedCompany. While it’s pretty obvious now from reading all the comments that this is in fact an April Fool’s Day joke it sure did fool quite a few people at first.

What’s great about this joke is the amount of buzz its created. In the couple hours since the joke was posted the links have been rolling in. I’m sure Mike’s intention was probably not for the links and rather the buzz (plus a few good laughs) that has been generated.

Although most of us don’t have the audience or brand to create this much noise, it goes to show that if you have a clever April Fool’s Day joke you can create a lot of buzz and get some extra links.

What clever hoax will think up this April Fool’s Day?   

March 07

Interview with Loren Baker from Search Engine Journal

Loren Baker from Search Engine Journal has been doing a SEO site clinic which has been helping website owners increase their traffic, rankings and links. Because of this I decided to do a short interview with him:

What is Search Engine Journal’s benefit from doing a SEO site clinic?

Search Engine Journal benefits by helping the SEO community and companies which are starting their initial SEO by total transparency. We are working together, with our co-authors and guest contributors as a team to offer SEO advice to not only the sites which we have accepted into the SEO Clinic project but also the readers of our column who are working on their SEO. For example, when doing an SEO Clinic for a WordPress powered blog, our goal is that numerous WordPress bloggers will benefit from our SEO recommendations.

Our Resident SEO Pimps benefit via expanded recognition of their expertise and services to the SEO community. I think that it would be easy to charge anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 in consulting fees for such SEO oriented information and recommendation, but our ultimate mission is to help smaller sites and charities which cannot afford such SEO consultancy fees. In essence, such transparency should benefit the SEO and search marketing community as a whole.

How popular are your SEO clinics? Are they heavily linked to?

These posts have become quite popular throughout the SEO industry and the searchosphere. Many blogs and informational sites have linked to our SEO Clinic pieces, and our hope is that for each Clinic we provide, more sites which fall into the categories of our Clinic "patients" and link to the recommendations.

Do you have any recommendations for bloggers or website owners who looking to increase their links?

In each SEO Clinic, to date, we have discussed ideas for sites, such as and to attract links. In essence, the SEO Clinic will attract links to our patients from SEO blogs which cover the free SEO Clinic advice, but in each clinic we provide recommendations to improve links via building relationships with blogs in the niche categories our patients appeal to, and via social media marketing via, StumbleUpon and other major traffic and inherent link building avenues.

March 07

Having Trouble Ranking Your New Site?

Ranking a new site for competitive terms is next to impossible. Yes, it can be done in rare cases but most of the time it’s just not likely. Aside from the stiff competition that’s already years ahead of you in terms of links and content, you have to deal with the sandbox, among other things. About the only ways to rank for these types of terms, I can think of are if you have bottomless pockets or if you solve a major pain (like a cure for cancer).

Don’t let that discourage you though. I have a solution that could possibly work for you. Create a new profile page on an established social media site and optimize it.

The bigger social media sites already have the built up trust and authority with the search engines. So while you’re waiting for your "real site" to start ranking create a profile with branded content and optimize that to rank for a couple of those competitive keywords.

Think about how often you see MySpace, YouTube, and Technorati pages ranking on the first page of the SERPs. Combine that with a nice link building campaign for the pages you create and it’s now looking realistic for you to take one of those top 10 spots.

Keep in mind that this is a technique to be used more for the purpose of targeting a few key phrases and it’s not very effective for going after long tail traffic.

March 07

Optimizing for the Long Tail

We all know that optimizing your website for search engines is a great way to increase your search traffic, but how many people actually try to go after the long tail? It may sound dumb but going after those often forgotten, highly targeted keywords can increase your search traffic by leaps and bounds. Here
are some things you can do to increase your search traffic for long tail keywords:

  • Paint a picture – be as descriptive as possible (within reason) when writing your content. This could be through the use of more descriptive titles or just being more descriptive through the main content on your website. When doing this don’t forget about visitors because if this tactic will hurt their experience you should think twice about it.
  • Efficiency is the key to success – you don’t want to try and figure out long tail keywords manually because this could take forever. A great way to find long tail keywords is to use analytics packages such as HitTail. One of the great things about HitTail is that it is free.
  • Spy – have you ever noticed that tons of sites that use Sitemeter? The great thing about Sitemeter is that you can publicly see what keywords your competition receives traffic for. Spy on your competition and start going after the long tail terms that drives them traffic.

There are many ways to increase your search traffic by going after long tail keywords. Have you tried
going after long tail keywords yet?

March 07

Mash it up for Links

There has been a lot of buzz around the word "mashup" lately. In case you’re unfamiliar with the word, Wikipedia defines it as a website or application that combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience. An example of a common use would be a local, region based website that combines Google Maps with local business reviews.

Mashups are a great way to improve the usability of your website because you’re ideally offering something of value to your users. But mashups are also great for link building because the good ones are highly viral.

Mashups aren’t limited to websites and don’t always require programming either. A couple of weeks ago someone mashed up Apple’s famous 1984 Super Bowl commercial into a Barack Obama ad.

The video has spread like a wildfire. It has been viewed over four million times, featured on every news station in the country, and has managed to collect thousands of inbound links. Not bad for a mashup that someone created on a Sunday afternoon.