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Nov 06
by Andy Hagans Tools with 5 Comments

I’m not really much of a "tool guy" — I still use Notepad and FireFox for "just about everything" — but WeBuildPages continues to bring the good stuff.

Check out the Top 10 Analysis Tool. Great for quick hit competitive analysis.

Jim, do you even have time to do SEO anymore, in between making all these wicked tools?

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Jim Boykin (11/11/06 at 11:41 pm)

Luckily the ideas just take a few minutes….and then I’ve got a programmer who spends the time creating the tools ;)

Arnie (11/12/06 at 7:30 pm)

I use these tools all the time — love the most recent update. thanks!

Jen (11/15/06 at 9:43 am)

Great tool! Thanks for sharing.

Dedicated hosting (11/19/06 at 2:02 am)

Yes indeed a good tool. I tried that. It gives you lot of information in very short time. It also saves lot of time and energy required for the same kind results.

yRFID (11/19/06 at 2:20 am)

Great tool! Thanks for sharing.


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