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September 06

Feedvertising – Really Simple RSS Advertising

We are very excited to announce that TLA has just released a
brand new RSS ad technology called Feedvertising!

This is a big step forward for us and we think we have
developed a special product because of itâs flexibility. Feedvertising is 100% free to use and allows
you to:

  • Add your own ads that may: promote your other sites,
    promote your own affiliate deal, promote a job opening… you name it.
  • Opt in to allow some of your ad spots to be for sale
    through the TLA marketplace.

The key to our technology is you can use it
to monetize your feed yourself or to opt in to selling some or all of your ad
spots through TLA; its your call!

The guys at put together a great tutorial
on Feedvertising.

I owe a lot of people a big thanks for helping out on this
project.  First and foremost, Justin
Klemm of Rusty Brick, he was the brilliant developer behind it.  Our beta testers and consultants were great too, they put up with a lot of bugs and came up with some great ways to
make this thing better, big thanks to:

Mark Ghosh, Michael Gray, James Martin, David Krug, Matt Craven, Darren Rowse, Nik Cubrilovic, Scott Karp, Philip Lenssen, Lee Odden, Brian Clark, Raj Dash, and Jim Boykin.

Check out Feedvertising here!

*Feedvertising Reviews Here:  TechCrunch, Problogger

September 06

Secrets to Beating the Sandbox 2.0 REVEALED: The Ultimate Guide

By Andy "Organic-Is-My-Middle-Name" Hagans

The sandbox is no longer the pink elephant in the room. As webmasters, together we’ve cried about it, argued about it, and fretted over it. We’ve gone through the emotional steps, too; first there was grief (waah waah my site won’t rank), then bargaining (I promise I won’t spam if you un-sandbox me), anger (darn it, greedy Google just wants me to spend more at AdWords!), and finally, acceptance (OK, how do I beat it?).

Over a year ago, I wrote my Guide to Beating the Sandbox at WebmasterWorld (supporters forum). I think my post mostly stands the test of time, but there’s a lot more that we know now, so I figured it’s time for an update. I’m also going to try to make this guide as detailed as possible, because it seems the solution everyone (including me) constantly refers to is to build trustâwithout saying exactly how. So let’s get short on theory, and long on details.

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September 06

TLA Steals New Hire From SEOMOZ!

We are happy to announce TLA’s newest hire: R. Marie Cox.  She will be doing web development/design work here at TLA.  No we didn’t really steal her from SEOMOZ but the cool part about Marie’s background is her own personal project, Side Job Track, won third place in the "Business, Money, Ecommerce" section on SEOMOZ’s Web 2.0 Awards

Marie will be working on some cool link bait projects as well that are destined to push Rand off the first page of Digg and once and for all.  ;)

Welcome aboard Marie!

September 06

Friday SEO Fun

Matt McGee put together a piece that did the impossible, made us laugh about bad seo jokes.  The sad part is so much of this list is true.  Some of my favorites:

"You giggle like a little girl every time you tell the butcher youâd like some pork Cuttlets."

"You feel uncomfortable and out of place at a minor league baseball game because you donât see a Text Link Ads advertisement on the outfield wall."

"When your daughter brings home a new boyfriend to meet you, your first thought is to check his backlinks."

Check out the full article here.

September 06

Four Trusted Links You Can Build Today

So you’re launching a site on a brand new domain?! What are you, a masochist?

And you haven’t even made any major link bait yet? What are you, trying to fail?

Just kidding ;-) Beating the sandbox and gaining trust is no easy feat. In my experience, the hardest part is getting started. Well if you can clear out a few hours in your afternoon, here are four easy trusted links you can get that new domain today. (Actually, there are two bonus links, that makes six easy trusted links!)

1) A lesser-known Wikipedia page: Do you have an investment-related site? Do not try to add your homepage link to or Instead, add the deep link to your "The Forward P/E Ratio Explained" page from… it’ll have a much better chance of still being there tomorrow.

2) The Squidoo lens for your site’s topic: Parasite SEO at its best. The Squidoo domain is gaining IBLs and trust quickly, and any page on the domain will inherit some of its trust. Bonus points if you actually take the time to make the lens useful, and link out to other authority sites. Caveat: You only take full advantage of this trust by building a few links to the Squidoo page itself, giving it a bit of link pop independent of the root domain.

3) The three ultra-trusted directories: They charge for an editorial review, not a listing. One is specifically recommended in Google’s guidelines for webmasters; I’d bet my [insert valuable appendage here] that the other two are highly trusted, too… Yahoo!,  MSN bCentral,

4) A juicy TLA link: I really, really like the publishers in TLA’s inventory that currently have zero or one links sold… why not get in there and gobble up the lion’s share of the link pop?

All done? Don’t rest on your laurels! Now that you’ve gotten the seven easy trusted links, you’d better go chase a hundred more hard ones. So get crackin’ on that link bait!