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Aug 06
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We try not to do straight link-drops at LBB, but this one is too good: The Dark Side of Social Media Organization by Graywolf.

One of the most common uses for this type of behavior is for reputation management and parasite SEO. One thing to be aware of is you can very often get a double listing to appear. If youâre not careful or have done some advanced planning itâs
pretty easy for a competitor to do some âvirtual draftingâ and appear directly behind or underneath you. Another point to notice it takes a lot more work for you to get that first listing than it does for the second guy to grab onto your coat tails.

Whether you have a "play to win" attitude towards below-the-belt tactics or not, it’s better to know them, since they’ll be used against you sooner or later. If you followed his former advice and created a page for your brand
on Squidoo, Craigslist, Newsvine, MySpace, Google Base, etc. maybe it’s time to make a
second! Read the post

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Sujit Manke (09/04/06 at 12:30 am)

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Precision Technologies has ten divisions -

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3. Web Services – Web hosting, Domain registration, Search Engine optimization, Payment gateways and many more…..
4. Networks – Linux / Windows server setup, LAN/WAN setup, Internet gateway setup etc..
5. Internet Marketing & Promotion – Consulting and services of marketing and promotion over the internet.
6. BPO – Business process outsourcing services.
7. Internet Research – Research, Data extraction, Analysis and Reports over the internet.
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