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July 06

Helping One of Our Own

From Shoemoney:

I  know many of you know of 2_much (Marcela Devivo) and her contributions to the SEO world from webmasterworld.

If you did not know While I do not know Her unborn son, Nathan Dorje
Andrew, was recently diagnosed with serious brain damage. I canât
imagine what she is going through right now.

Marcela has asked that everone keep her family in there prayers. I
think prayers are good but unfortunatly prayers do not pay the bills. I
have setup a typekey campaign to raise $1500 of which I will match
dollar for dollar.

Donate (if you were planning on it anyway, may as well do it via Shoemoney to get the 2-for-1 match)

More at Threadwatch (many people have donated already)

July 06

When Your Domain is TR0

Bigdaddy was a turning point for hardcore Google organic SEO. Why? Graywolf said it best:

What I am here to say is I think we are hitting the leading edge of a
new force to be addressed with, which for lack of a better term Iâm
calling âsandbox crawlingâ. Hereâs the way I see it, if your website is
missing the right âquality indicatorsâ what youâll start to see is
superficial crawling and indexing of your website. Your site which may
have had hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pages
will just not be as well represented in Googleâs index as you would
like it to be.

Great, now we have to worry about ‘just getting indexed’ again? What is this, 1999?

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July 06

WARNING: No âbackup siteâ can be hazardous to your wealth

In today’s search climate, if you have a website that has
âcracked the codeâ ie: you rank on page one for great keywords, you have a
winning product, a site that converts traffic, then you can’t afford not to
have a backup website (or two, three, four…).  What this means is if you
are dependent upon natural search engine traffic to make your living
online (and you have found a nice little cash cow niche) there are simply too
many times when a big Google algorithm change can potentially leave you out of
the money.

By having two (or more) websites ranking for the same keywords you have a much
better chance of surviving big algorithm shifts.   Here is the
scenario laid out:

No backup site: your site ranks #2
on page one for "widgets" for the last year, Google makes an
algorithm tweak, you drop to page three where there is no traffic and no money
to be made. Result: You go from making
$500/day from Google âfreeâ traffic to making $0 from Google and the not as
attractive $50/day that Yahoo/MSN chip in.

With backup site:
your main site ranks #2 on page one for âwidgets for the last year. Your backup site ranks on page two, #18
overall. Google makes a big update, your
main site drops to page three and your backup site rises to #4 on page
one. Result: You go from making $500/day
from Google âfree trafficâ to $400 and you still have your $50/day from

If you donât have a
backup site now you could

1. Start a new site from scratch and start slowly building
links and rankings and wait one year to crack some rankings for real money

2. You could purchase a competing site that is stuck on page
3 or 4 today but could be one algorithm tweak away from page one tomorrow. 

I advise all of the
but prefer to purchase the site lingering around within âstriking
distanceâ of page one. If a site is a
pure online play (no brick and mortar) and is on page 3 or 4 of Google chances
are they are not making a ton of money currently and with the right price they
would be willing to part with the site.

In summary, there are all sorts of tweaks that Google does
with their algorithm that can cause a huge shift in the rankings landscape and
devastate your cash flow. You simply
canât afford to have only one âline in the waterâ. So buy a new domain today and go out and buy
a competitors site, and when you get that done, do it again. By having multiple unique sites ranking in
the top three pages for your top keywords you give your business the best possible
chance of a continued long term cash stream. 

July 06

Tips For Increasing Search Engine Traffic

Readers, I could try to paraphrase it all here but it’s better to read all of what Nick has to say right here.  Great read.

July 06

Garner More Links & Viral Traffic w/ Killer Post Titles

If Brian Clark’s CopyBlogger is not on your RSS reader yet, it should be.  Brian’s recent article gives you tips on how to affectively write a "how to" post that could garner you mega links and traffic.  By focusing on the benefits to your readers (weak attempt by me in this post title) you can do just that.  Check out his article for the details.