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Jun 06
by Patrick Gavin Tools with 4 Comments

Ok Alexa data is not the most accurate traffic measuring tool in the world but it is very good at showing traffic trends.  One of my favorite sites to play around with and compare trends against other ad systems is Alexaholic.  Here is our graph.  This graph represents Text Link Ads compared to other top blog ad systems.


As you know the end goal of building links to your site is increasing your site’s traffic.  This can come from the direct traffic from the links and from the indirect benefit of higher natural search rankings through the increase in link popularity.  Try comparing your site’s Alexa data to some of your competitors and see if you are seeing the right kind of trends, if not, it may be time to get your link building in gear!

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Ilan (06/22/06 at 4:37 am)

How do I get Alexa to show my site trafic at all. Do I have to put anything on my pages, or is it automaticaly, and I just need more trafic on the site?

Patrick Gavin (06/22/06 at 8:39 am)

You do not have to put anything on your pages, it is automatic. Alexa pulls data from users who have downloaded their tool bar. You should show an Alexa ranking of some sort if you search for your site at

Ajay (07/02/06 at 12:26 am)

Congrats on the increasing traffic :)
Well, I love your service. It’s ensuring I get some good money. And I am sure others feel that way.

Keep up the good work.

alex (07/18/06 at 8:27 am)

Its quite better but i feel that if someone responds with a post which is relevant to the topic, they should be reworded with the link they leave. Afterall, it’s the topic related responses which work to better serve your blog site.


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