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June 06

Ruby On Rails publisher script now live!

Publishers using Ruby On Rails looking to monetize their website can now use our new ad script to sell Text Link Ads!  Special thanks to Pascal for his help on the development of this ad script.

June 06

Serendipity Script & Drupal Module Added!

TLA Publishers, we are excited to have added a script exclusively for Serendipity Weblog System users and also a Drupal module for our publisher script!  Special thanks to Garvin Hicking for his work on the Serendipity script and special thanks to Robert Douglass for his work on the Drupal module.

We still are working on pushing Ruby on Rails and also .NET scripts out for TLA publishers.  Are there any other specific scripts that you would like to see?  Thanks again!

June 06

Link Softly but Carry a Big… umm… Just Link Softly Sometimes

You know me by now. I’m a link lover, link builder, link swapper, link whore, link monger, link monkey, link-link-link-link-link-link-link-link link-link-link-link-link-link-link I LOVE LINKS.

But there are two situations where I like slowing the linking waterfall down to a small trickle.

  1. The new site launch – I grab it a Yahoo! directory & bcentral listing plus 1-2 Premium TLA links, then let it bake for a bit… under no circumstances should you push it in Google with tons of low(ish) quality links, as when a new site goes beyond ‘the threshold’ it appears it’s pretty unlikely it’ll ever come back (this year, at least)
  2. The old domain aquisition – You know the scenario "I just scored the ol’ 2000 pr4 domain (transfered not expired) and bwahahaha boy is it gonna rank" – but in the first 3 months I only go Yahoo & bcentral listing plus 1-2 Premium TLA links, then let it bake for a bit… (why risk the trust you just bought?)

MSN still loves the sledgehammer approach but sometimes in Google you have to think more like a surgeon.

June 06

First Step: I am an Alexaholic

Ok Alexa data is not the most accurate traffic measuring tool in the world but it is very good at showing traffic trends.  One of my favorite sites to play around with and compare trends against other ad systems is Alexaholic.  Here is our graph.  This graph represents Text Link Ads compared to other top blog ad systems.


As you know the end goal of building links to your site is increasing your site’s traffic.  This can come from the direct traffic from the links and from the indirect benefit of higher natural search rankings through the increase in link popularity.  Try comparing your site’s Alexa data to some of your competitors and see if you are seeing the right kind of trends, if not, it may be time to get your link building in gear!

June 06

Indented Second Google Listing – Double Your Ranking Real Estate

I have seen some recent success with building links to secure a second indented listing on Google’s first page of search results.  Here are some tips for that can cause Google to grab a second page from your site and indent it as a second result giving you two results ranking for the same search phrase…

- Do a search for "your keyword phrase" and find the second page on your site that is ranking for this term.  Hopefully it is somewhere within striking range, let’s define that as the secondary page ranking currently in the top 50.

- Build external links directly to this secondary ranking page using mainly the link text "your keyword phrase" that you are trying to rank for.

The result you are looking for is Google grabbing this secondary page and indenting it below your primary ranking page which Google seems to like to do.  This link building strategy seems to work well as Google seems to favor ranking a second page from a website that is already ranking for this same keyword.  What has your experience been with securing a second listing on Google?