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May 06
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Excerpt from Webmaster’s SEO Lament

By Madeleine "Mad" Kane

(Sing to "My Favorite Things"  from "The Sound of Music.")


Wishing that Yahoo and DMoz would list them.

Wond’ring what causes those sites to resist them.

Viewing directory listings each day.

"I’ll never get there," they moan with dismay.

Updating pages in quest of a breakthrough.

Hoping new  phrases will bring them more clicks through.

Checking competitors’ links and their stats.

Wond’ring if they should employ a black hat.

Relevant content, reciprocal linking.

Publishing articles.  Now that’s good thinking.

Linkage in edu and government sites.

Vowing to soon their competitors smite.


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(Thanks Mad)

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Mad Kane (05/03/06 at 1:21 pm)

Thanks so much for mentioning my latest humor.

john (05/06/06 at 11:35 am)

The first line of the above ditty struck a chord with me (hehe… sorry), and leads me to a question:

Does anyone out there still beleive that DMOZ plays a significant role? I mean… I have attempted at least a dozen times in the last two years to get a website listed (and been SCRUPULOUSLY careful with the rules) and have yet to be successful. I have even gone so far as to attempt to become an editor, with exactly the same results.

I really do think that, given the volume of sites out there, and the fact that those I mentioned earlier DO get found by Yahoo and Google, et al, that perhaps DMOZ is an idea whose time is past.

Am I wrong?

Susan Reynolds (05/07/06 at 1:06 pm)

Now how the heck did I miss this? I love it. My brain’s stuck on this whole “new phrases” phase and I can’t get up.

“Relevant content, reciprocal linking. Publishing articles.” – I’m on the trail there – so much to do – so little time.

But I’ve got to spend some time on this one: “Linkage in edu and government sites” Smart; very smart.

Now I’ve got this tune stuck in my head. So maybe it will remind me of what I need to do.


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