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March 06

Drupal Now Supported!

In TLA Publisher News, our publishing system now supports Drupal!

If you run a site using Drupal, you can sign up to start making money with TLA here.

March 06

Don’t be the “Beat Cop Driving A Ferrari”

Joining me on the "Buying and Selling Links" panel at SES NYC this week was my friend Greg Boser.  It’s pretty hard to mix comedy in with link building but he did it for me.  When describing the do’s and dont’s he said something to the affect of,

If you are in an industry where your competitors are all PR4 and PR5 sites and you are out buying PR7 and PR8 links you are like a beat cop who drives a Ferrari.

This really does help you visualize the problem with going too aggressive with your linking campaign.  The problem is when you are working way out of the scope of the websites you are competing with.  Ultra competitive industries require a different game plan than not so competitive industries.  You have to do your homework to see how your competition has risen above you and then you can decide what is best for you.  Just as the "beat cop who drives a Ferrari" you too can raise some flags from your competitors and from the engines by engaging in overly aggressive link building that is not in line with current competition.