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October 05

Top TEN Web Directories – For You White Hats

We’ve posted on this many, many times, but I’d like to revisit the issue yet again. Which directories are worth getting listed in?

A few months ago I pointed everyone to We Build Pages’ list of 28 decent web directories. I’m doing a bit of link building for a new site this week, and asked myself, do I really want to follow this list? The answer was no… so here’s what I did:

DMOZ, Yahoo (if I want to spend the money), JoeAnt, GoGuides, MSN bCentral, those are the gimmes. (I would say Best of the Web, but c’mon guys, get rid of the recurring fees!)

I then went through the rest, and am doing paid submissions with those that do not sell run-of-site links. To me, it’s a telling quality indicator, and speaks to the owners’ goals (are they in this for long term quality, or short term revenue maximization?) I also think directories with run-of-site paid links run a higher risk of the Google hand job. So I only added five more to my shortlist above:

10 general Web directories total… that’s all I’m willing to vouch for. But as of today, I do think they still offer great link building value.

October 05

eComXpo is sweet… NOT!!

Well, eComXpo has finally begun. Truth be told, I’m pretty pumped about it, since it’s so cool.

Wait, not ‘cool’, what’s the word I’m looking for, oh, right, ‘stupid’.

What eComXpo has taught me about good marketing

  • if your web site doesn’t work in many browsers, it’s cool!
  • charging people $100 to "paint" a virtual booth is a smart, creative marginal revenue stream
  • sending attendees 30 emails a day is good for branding, this will create an emotional connection between them and your company
  • if you want to impress people, use Flash!

Open letter to Seth Godin:

Dear Seth,

eComXpo seems to have gotten some buzz this year, partly because you have been plugging it. Question: are you sure you want to associate yourself with these people?


Andy Hagans

No more blogging for now, I gotta get back to our booth.

*The views expressed above are the personal opinions of Andy Hagans. They do not necessarily reflect the position of Text Link Ads Inc.

October 05

The Neat-O Backlink Tool

We Build Pages’ new tool is aptly named:

The Neat-O Backlink Tool

It checks your backlinks’ anchor text. Props to WBP for consistently putting out good (and free!) linking tools.