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Oct 05
by Andy Hagans Tools with 5 Comments

We Build Pages’ new tool is aptly named:

The Neat-O Backlink Tool

It checks your backlinks’ anchor text. Props to WBP for consistently putting out good (and free!) linking tools.

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Niche Marketing Guy (10/04/05 at 1:19 am)

Thanks Andy.

That backlink tool is indeed very neat. I really like the clean interface. through that I found some backlinks that I’ve never seen before.


mr.eims (10/17/05 at 12:14 am)

hehe.. thx a lot.. this is realy a good tool.

Cook (10/22/05 at 4:06 pm)

Realy good ) i’v found some interesting backlinks…

Sevgi Sohbet (05/17/07 at 11:29 pm)

Yes This is good. I like This.

kmevbdhaf glmkp (11/10/07 at 2:09 pm)

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