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Aug 05
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Another very creative link building idea via Aaron Wall:

Some people auction off stuff on eBay and share the profits with some non profit organizations. They contact non profit websites when they launch the auctions and try to get links to their auction and their website on the supporters pages.

Some of them start two auctions in parallel supporting different charities such that bidders aim to outbid the other item to show how much more important their charity is and how much more they support it.

Usually the more people use a certain link building method, the less effective it becomes. I doubt however many people will take the time do this, so it will probably be ‘safe’ as a good tactic for quite some time. It is also possible that the links one gets from it would be especially powerful since they are from charity Web sites, which are usually linked in to very good link neighborhoods.

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Andy Hagans (01/20/06 at 2:59 pm)


Sounds like you’re real “tuned-in” to how blogs & comments work. Thanks for the helpful link drop!


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